Our Story

What Does Evil Dream? 

The Story begins...

The once prosperous Black Oak Gear Factory was the central point of employment for the residents of Black Oak Grove. The factory was run by a particularly cruel and tyrannical man Robert Dubois nicknamed Sledge because of his harsh ways. Robert “ Sledge” Dubois was cruel in his factory but was even worse to his wife and daughter Willow.

The hours were long and hard in the factory but no matter how hard Sledge worked his employees, it simply was not enough to keep the doors open. One desperate night in a rage Sledge tore apart the office. Within the destruction, he came across a peculiar-looking book. The book was called "Sacramentum Autem Malleus". Sledge soon discovered he could summon Malum, a Demon lord known as the Hammer of Hell. Once summoned Malum told Sledge he could make his factory more prosperous than it had ever been. Sledge was promised infinite power and riches in exchange for his mortal soul. Sledge, without hesitation, accepted the offer, and within a moment notice Malum, and the book had vanished. 

As promised the factory prospered and Sledge became the most powerful man in Black Oak Grove. But as his power grew, so did his cruelty. It seems Sledge was the only one benefiting from the factory. The Employees were still treated poorly; and most of them still couldn't make ends meet. Because of this Sledge, along with his family were hated by the town.

The hate grew to the point where his daughter Willow could no longer stand it, and fled to the forest of black oak grove. Willow had no choice but to seek refuge in a hollow tree after a storm broke out. Lying there alone, upset, and afraid she drifted into sleep. She awoke to a comforting but also frightening presence around her and cradled in her arms was the same book Sledge used to summon Malum. Unlike her father, Willow is not seeking power but revenge. Summoning Malum, he made a deal with her to stay in the mortal realm, and in exchange she would be able to have the power to punish anyone that wronged her

After the exchange was made Malum granted Willow the revenge she craved and it exploded through her and unleashed corruption upon Black Oak Grove and all of its residents. Willow's power grew stronger as her hatred raged and consumed all of those who ignored her plight.

The townsfolk and workers in the factory began to change into twisted possessed versions of their former selves. The townsfolk now follow the mark of Willow and the factory workers are forever trapped inside, forced to serve Malum.

The mark of Willow is all around you as you trek through the darkness of Black Oak Grove. This year, find out exactly what evil dreams as you're trapped inside the possessed mind of Willow Dubois. Experience true fear as you walk the line between reality and a demented nightmare dream world. 

Take a journey through the twisted corridors of an abandoned factory that has been consumed by an ancient, malevolent evil. Frightening supernatural terrors are all that reside in this once prosperous fortress. You must make your way surrounded by soulless, maniacal vessels who will stop at nothing to harm you. Your fear has become the new product of the Factory, and the demonic forces around you seem to intensify with every scream. Plagued by phobias, and now dripping with fear, you must face the all-powerful Hammer of Hell.

Malum has awaited your sacrifice within the deepest chamber of the Factory. He has grown too strong, feasting on human fear, hopelessness, and pain. If your fate is left up to him, no soul will be spared. Face your ultimate fears and discover your dark fate within the Factory of Malum.