Covid-19 Policies



Haunting season is here and in response to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic we've made significant changes to Midnight Terror Haunted House to better keep our customers and staff safe and healthy. Please keep reading for our new policies and procedures regarding  Covid-19 and how our guest experiences may have changed. 

Together we can help #SaveHalloween. 


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• Timed Ticketing + Reservations
All tickets this year will be purchased via a timed/reservation system via our website. This allows us to effectively space and time groups in a manner that keeps our show running smooth and people safe.

• Limited Capacity
Because of our ticketing system, we will be running our event at a limited capacity to ensure everyone's safety. Groups will also not be joined with any other group.

• All Tickets Must Be Purchased Online

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• Entry Screening
All customers and staff will receive a temperature screening prior to entering the building. Please note, if anyone person in your group exhibits an above-average temperature, the entire group will be denied entry and refunds will be given.

• Socially Distanced Queue Line
We've redesigned our queue line to better accommodate local social distancing standards.

• Face Coverings Required For Staff + Customers

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Cleaning + Sanitization

• Hourly Facility Cleaning + Sanitization
We've employed dedicated staff to clean and sanitize our facility every thirty minutes. This means every hour the entire event will be clean and sanitized using our sanitizing mist machines and FDA approved cleaners.

• Hand Sanitizing Stations Available Throughout the Event

How do these changes affect your
Midnight Terror experience? 

All of these measures have been implemented to better protect our staff and customers. Your health and safety is extremely important to us. At Midnight Terror, your frightful fun will be satisfying safe. Here's how our guest experience may have changed compared to previous year: 

  • Less waiting, smaller groups, less capacity...we thought you always wanted to wait in less lines? 
  • Attendance will be extremely limited each night. Get your tickets early; we sell out many nights and time slots even when we do not have limited attendance. Buy online in advance.
  • Private groups only. You will not be combined with anyone outside of the group you arrive with, please only attend with your friends and/or family.
  • ALL of our admission tickets will be reservation based (time slotted) this year and, due to limited attendance, line wait times will be greatly reduced.
  • All queues will be physically distanced; please pay attention to all on-site markings regarding where to stand and where to go. 
  • No one will touch you when you are inside
  • All hanging items, like: curtains, cloth, props, etc.; have been removed. 
  • Nothing will be sprayed on you...except maybe sanitizer.
  • All actors will be wearing PPE masks and gear. PPE masks will be worn under theatrical masks and makeup. Additionally, all staff are temperature screened and confirmed to be symptom-free at the beginning of every evening.
  • Midnight Terror is professionaly sanitized every hour, every night. This ensures that the entire show/facility is clean and safe for all of our guests and staff

We look forward to scaring you all again this fall.

Stay safe.

Stay healthy.

Together we all can #SaveHalloween

Thank you. 
-The Midnight Terror Staff