St. Patrick’s Day Fear | March 18th 2017 | 7pm-11pm

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Times have changed; the traditions of our fathers are no longer. The Youth has destroyed the old ways and ushered in an era of selfishness. They celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in their own way, giving nothing back to the traditions of the past. The Leprechauns will no longer sit idle, and let the past be destroyed by the present! They have come to put a stop to the shenanigans, and murder anyone they can find!

Experience an Interactive St. Patrick’s Day Themed Haunted House. Travel through the Town of Black Oak Grove, and experience the revenge of bloodthirsty ancient Leprechauns. Solve puzzles, and set traps to capture the Leprechauns, in hopes of claiming their Pot of Gold. Do you have the Luck of the Irish, will you survive St. Patrick’s Day Fear!!!

Midnight Terror Haunted House |

5520 W 111th St, Oak Lawn, IL 60453
**Top 13 by Haunted House Chicago – Illinois Top Haunted Houses by Fox News, The Odyssey Blog and NBC Chicago*